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Lp Louch It’s Whatever

45 Records Entertainment

July 11, 2020

Here is the CD cover of LP Louch!

Let's just #Vanguish in the Moment!

45 Records Entertainment

April 02, 2020

Let's just #Vanguish in the Moment! With @lp-louch! Can anyone answer his quetion, What ever happened to them better days? Video on YouTube and all...

Dokkkstrange - Fraudin'

45 Records Entertainment

December 15, 2017

This is a track that came to us a few months back and we didn't forget how the honest lyrics stand out over the simplistic yet, head-bopping instrumental. (Seriously—the accented guitar strums are non-complex but add a funky twang that carries the...

Jenni W - Alter Ego

45 Records Entertainment

October 09, 2017

Philly-based, aspiring pop star, Jenni W’s “Alter Ego” single is gaining traction and we can see why.

Produced by Blake Winters, her sensual lyrics are complemented by a flirtatious visual that depicts a regular girl in a library who...

NEW TRACK: Vanquish - Lp aka Louch

45 Records Entertainment

October 03, 2017

We are proud to announce that #45REArtist Lp aka Louch's free promotional single, "Vanquish" is available now! Please listen on the various streaming and downloadable sites below and SHARE while using hashtags: #45RecordsEntertainment #VanquishLp

Huemanz Militia - Afrxw (Extended Play)

45 Records Entertainment

September 18, 2017

Produced by Ezree Beats, “Afrxw” is a lightweight track that doesn’t demand too much thought but does cause a groove throughout your body. Its beat—a blend of hip-hop and soul—makes it very easy to get lost in a laidback vibe. With effects...

Tyreek Smith – Moving Pt 1. & Pt 2

45 Records Entertainment

September 09, 2017

This is a favorite that’s come through our music submissions.

A resident of Memphis, Tennessee, Tyreek Smith--also known as Optimistic--narrates his experiences with moving in two parts—“Moving Pt.1” and “Moving Pt. 2”....

Beast 1333 & Sullee J - Reborn

45 Records Entertainment

August 04, 2017

Brooklyn, New York's very own, Beast 1333, is not foreign to the hip-hop game. An underground veteran of Puerto Rican descent, 1333 has created a successful lane for his mysterious imagery and obscure lyrics. His unique contribution to hip hop...

DJ Khaled Reflects On Being Independent, Grateful, Rick Ross and the All-Star Weekend Movie

45 Records Entertainment

June 20, 2017

DJ Khaled-let's be real, he is on the way to becoming a household name. Radio personality, DJ, producer, author, and proud father-what can he not do? Recently, Khaled sat down with Hot 97's "Ebro In The Morning" to discuss his success, the...

#45RESubmission: Berserk - BUMPY103

45 Records Entertainment

June 10, 2017

Owner/CEO of 103rd Street Entertainment, LLC and independent artist, BUMPY103, released his single "Berserk."

Produced by Street Empire, the project is the second single from the 103rd Street Entertainment clique. With a beat that demands...

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