Born in 1994, talented hip-hop artist/songwriter, Lamar L. Philip-also known as "LP/Louch"-was raised in Newark, NJ. His love for music grew from an early age through his up-close view of the music industry, via his father-Robert-who founded the Twin Tower sound system, managed a group of DJs and was known in New York and New Jersey's reggae scene. Growing up, LP also had the opportunity to take numerous trips to studios in Brooklyn and witness legendary reggae artists record.

LPAt the age of eleven, LP began writing lyrics and poetry, and participating in school talent shows. Following suit, at fourteen, he tested the waters in a studio for the first time. In high school, LP's eleventh grade English teacher, Mrs. Bryant of Plainfield High School, encouraged him to focus on his artistic craft, which, later, led him to participate in public speaking. LP credits his public speaking class for positively uplifting his confidence, strengthening the delivery and pronunciation of his words and establishing his receptiveness to constructive criticism-all skills he feels significantly play a role in his artistry.

LP's draw to hip-hop music and desire to brand an effortless sound stems from the rhythmic and lyrical flow of DMX, Nas's voice of truth and Lil Wayne.

In 2015, LP connected with 45 Records Entertainment founder and CEO, Melvin A. Taylor, and signed to the label in 2017. His first project, "Lovin' My Independence" is scheduled for a Spring 2018 release. In the meantime supporters can be on the look out for singles like "Don't Worr Bout It" and "Make it Back"; as well as videos and remixes.

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