Born in Chicago, Illinois, Singer-Songwriter Charisse Arrington is an R&B/New Soul singer, previously signed with MCA/Universal Records. Charisse is partnering with 45 Records Entertainment to release her newest single, "BRAND NEW DAY (ShouAllelujah)." with a projected release date of September 17, 2018. So stay tuned for all the greatness to come!

Her biggest success was with the single "Down With This" which peaked in the top twenty of the Billboard Dance singles chart and top five of the Billboard Dance breakout chart. In 1995, Charisse was featured on the "To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar" movie soundtrack with the song, "Do What You Wanna Do."

In addition, to her musical gifts, Charisse is also a professional Keynote Speaker Artist and Stuckbuster Life Coach. Known in her circle as the Instant Inspirator,' she inspires the masses to win & achieve real results by living what you love. Charisse lives by this motto: "I may not always be able to add to the room, but in all cases, may I never leave any room less than I found it."

She aims to make a positive difference and to impact the lives of others for the better. She spreads real-life messages hoping to touch those facing difficult obstacles, guiding and impacting them to move the needle of their life in a positive way.

In her early days, she simply enjoyed writing, before singing came along. Even when she did begin to sing she did not know the gift that she possessed, only that she had a love for singing. Her maternal aunt was the first of those closest to her to hear her sing and discover the talent that she had.

"When the purpose of a thing is not understood abuse shall ultimately show the fruits of its evidence...You are the embodiment of purpose so dope- it's ridiculous." - Charisse Arrington

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