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In November 2014, author and entrepreneur, Melvin A. Taylor, founded 45 Records Entertainment, LLC. 45 Records Entertainment, LLC is a new independent label that strives to be a platform for diversified, positive, and qualitative talent.

From Biggie Smalls, Jon B., Elvis Presley, and Shania Twain to name a few, Melvin A. Taylor is moved by all music genres. According to Taylor, music's ability to transcend time is powerful and presents an opportunity to explore various moments in life, "When a song plays on Pandora, the Radio, TV, the music will take me back to a place . . . [to] Jamaica . . . Junior High School, High School, college or simply the previous day. [Nevertheless], if that song, touches my soul or sparks something in me, I will rock out to it." Music is limitless and so is its generated talent.

A strong believer in living your purpose, the launch of 45 Records Entertainment, partially derived from Taylor's son's ("B. Taylor") desire to pursue his music career instead of college. Destined to make a larger impact, Melvin A. Taylor hopes 45 Records Entertainment can be the formidable foundation for resilient individuals, go-getting dreamers and all lovers of good music.

An extension of his can do attitude and Melvin A. Taylor brand, Taylor hopes 45 Records Entertainment can be a label filled with artists who continue to defy life's obstacles and find their voice through their art.


45 Records Entertainment