lizBorn on August 27, 1991, Liz embodies a fused sound of pop, rock, and contributions of soul.

Self-taught in piano, violin and drums, Liz has always enacted upon her passion for music since her early childhood.  While she learned these instruments, Liz simultaneously, explored her vocal capabilities, and fell in love with the burning sensation singing evoked. When she sings, Liz feels security in knowing her life purpose, "[My purpose] is to share the gift of my voice with the world. I need to sing just like we all need air to breathe."

To date, Liz has participated in and acquired 1st place prizes from "Debra Crosby's Talent Quest TV Show," while performing live for the first time at Hard Rock Cafe, and a second time at House of Blues. Liz has also starred in My Silent Bravery's video for "Can't Quit." Influenced by Shania Twain, Celine Dion, Demi Lovato, and her all-time idol, Christina Aguilera, Liz strives to reflect art that portrays the fire and soul music forever ignites in her. 

Determined to create and fill her own mold, Liz hopes to positively contribute to music's universal language.

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