B. Taylor

Born on May 17th, 1994 in Garden State of New Jersey, rapper and songwriter B. Taylor's deep passion for music caused a significant shift in his life.

b-taylor-2Initially focused on fulfilling a football career, Taylor's persistent bite to be an artist stemmed from early adolescence.

As a teenager, Taylor primarily enjoyed rock music. However, upon hearing Jay-Z and Linkin Park's joint album, Collision Course, Taylor became more infatuated with Hip Hop sounds. As his inspirations grew to include artists like Nas, Jay Z, Kid Cudi, Biggie Smalls, & Lil Wayne, Taylor began writing his own material at the tender age of 13. Garnering a positive response and encouragement from his early listeners, Taylor decided to become a full-time artist, five years later.  

His first independent project entitled "Real Rhyme Time" (2014), released through 45 Records Entertainment, proved to be a training period where young Taylor explored the diverse elements of his artistry.

In a world where following your dreams has been a long-abandoned practice, Taylor remains determined and believes that failure isn't an option. He strives to discover himself in his music with unwavering optimism, relentless tenacity, and above all - a creative, open-mind.

Follow Taylor on as he prepares to release his next project in 2017.

Twitter- @45RecordsBT
Instagram- @B.Taylor45


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