#45RESubmission: Berserk - BUMPY103

#45RESubmission: Berserk - BUMPY103

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June 10, 2017

Owner/CEO of 103rd Street Entertainment, LLC and independent artist, BUMPY103, released his single "Berserk."

Produced by Street Empire, the project is the second single from the 103rd Street Entertainment clique. With a beat that demands a head nod, BUMPY103 raps about the death of his father, his confident demeanor and unstoppable hustle.

In the chorus, BUMPY103 recites, I pray to God. I go to church. I hope the devil don't come take me first. My whole life tryna shake this curse. My b*tches bad. My n*ggas worst. I pray to God. I go to church. I hope the feds don't come get me first. I hit the block. I go berserk. Ain't got no 9 to 5 but I got that work.

Give the single a listen and let him know your feedback. Stay up to date all things BUMPY103 by following him on his social media handles below.

Instagram | @banebxxgie27

Twitter | @BUMPY103

Facebook | @BUMPY103

Snapchat | BaNe Bxxgie

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