What's Happening Now? New York Magazine CEO, Lourdes Bigio, Talks Her Success, Motherhood & More!

What's Happening Now? New York Magazine CEO, Lourdes Bigio, Talks Her Success, Motherhood & More!

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May 14, 2017

45 Records Entertainment (45RE) is all about telling the stories of the talented. Through your talent, the world hears about your experiences. Whether you sing, write, rap, play an instrument, have a radio show-we all know it's not an easy journey. Your determination and hunger should not go unnoticed-hence, our platform, 45 Records Entertainment.

Below is an interview between 45RE and Lourdes Bigio-CEO of New York independent magazine, "What's Happening Now?" The magazine supports independent everything so why wouldn't we highlight the woman who started it all.


What inspired you to create the "What's Happening Now" magazine?

What inspired me to create the magazine is the story behind individuals.

When did you know this magazine was necessary?

I would not say it was necessary, but I realized I had a passion for it.

How many magazine issues have you created so far?

With the "What's Happening Now? New York Mag"-to date-I've published 6 issues. I could say 7, but a double cover does not count *laughs*.

Which feature are you most proud of?

I don't have a specific feature-I am proud of each and everyone that has been featured in my magazine.

How does someone get featured in the magazine? What particular stories do you like to include?

To get featured , you may send a bio and photos to I like life-changing experiences-stories that can inspire another person that may be going through the same thing and know that they are not alone.

Do you hope to, one day, expand the magazine beyond New York?

I don't hope. I know it will expand beyond New York.

What can we expect in the 2017 "What's Happening Now" issue?

You can expect to see the added edition of the "What's Happening Now? Latino Mag 2017."

However, view the most recent New York mag here.


What inspired you to get involved in the entertainment industry?

Before the publication, I was already involved in the entertainment industry; it was just a little different-more so like Adult entertainment.

My company Sunydew Entertainment was established about 12 years ago and dealt more with Adult intimate accessories; as well as coordinating events like bachelorette/bachelor parties, club promotions-the fun things.

I was in the clubs so much that I was approached and asked if I would be interested in promoting for artists. That's when I met my group, hiphop/r&b artist at that time-they were called Hood Marines, from NJ. Then following that, I started to do showcases for artists and it when on from there; and that's how I ended up on this side of the entertainment industry.

Tell us about your life as a Certified Community TV Producer. What is your proudest project to date?

My life as a certified community TV producer, I love, because it allows me to create and expound upon my vision.

I am always proud of all my projects, because I love what I do. I always give 100 percent. My first project was interviewing those that were featured in the magazine-so, that was cool for me, but more so for them-another platform for artists to be heard and seen.

I will be coming out with something a little different for 2017 so stay tuned.

How did you get involved with being an online radio host?

I started online radio years ago when Sunydew Entertainment was established. It was called "Keeping It Real With Sunydew." I also co-host on a show called "Real Talk After Dark" with my girl, Sukari.

Last year, I added the "What's Happening Now? New York Radio" for artists to showcase their music and have brief interviews.

What are some of the challenges you face as a Latina woman in the entertainment industry?

Challenges as a Latina-Just being a woman, period, in this industry is tough. This is a man's industry so they say. But what's not being said is that behind these men, there was a woman who helped bring them to the top. I face a lot of challenges because I get approached differently.

A man is quick to throw cash to another man but will not do so for a woman. The sad part is a lot of women in this industry would do a lot more for less. With me, I deal with the bargaining and the flirting and the sad story-anything to get away with men, maybe, paying a small fee; but then they turn around and have no problem paying a fee somewhere else when they get nothing in return. So, I've learned that I must play the game and be a lady but think like a man *laughs*

What advice do you give to other young women who strive to be the industry?

Do not settle for less. Know your worth and stay grounded.


As a single mom, you wear a lot of hats. How do you balance motherhood with being a well-rounded business woman?

The good thing is that my kids are grown and they support me all the way. They know that whatever I choose to do is for us. But don't get it twisted, my kids know no matter how grown they are, they will always come first. Yes I am a business woman but I'm a mother first-it balances out just fine.

Your son had a very traumatic experience. Can you tell us about it and how it impacted your family? How have you and your family overcome the experience?

Yes my son had a traumatic experience. One year ago-to date-he was shot 11 times, while hanging out in front of the building with his friends. A mother's worst nightmare.

I was out that night with my best friend Tarji and my little brother Ziggy; and my daughter was home when there was banging on the door to tell her that my son got shot. My daughter was hysterical that when she called me on the phone I could not understand because she was screaming and crying. Once I was able to understand, I froze and gave the phone to my brother. He immediately told me to focus and don't panic. While my best friend held my hand tight. We ran out to grab a cab, and as soon as we got to the hospital, a group of his friends were there waiting, crying and blood on their clothes. I was in shock. I could not think, breathe, cry, talk... I was just numb, waiting for hours while he was in the surgery room; not knowing if my son was alive was the worst experience in my life. The thought of him dying or what he was going through when he got shot, the pain he felt; if he was scared-All that was going through my mind.

Finally the doctor came out and told us he almost died. He made it to the hospital just in time to save him. He had lost tons of blood and was given a blood transfusion. I thank God for his friends that picked him up from the ground and drove him to the hospital because the ambulance never came.

With two emergency surgeries and lots of warrior prayers everyday with friends; family even strangers, my son began to heal miraculously. God Is Good. Today, my son is doing well, and it brought my family closer. He got a second chance in life and God kept him for a reason.

What advice do you have for other single moms out there who wish to go after their deepest passions but may find it difficult to do so?

If you have a deep passion, go for it. Do your research. Educate yourself first. Only you can make it happen. Nothing is too hard unless you think it is. You have to believe in yourself and have Faith. It will be worth it at the end. What a great feeling to say, I did it!!


How have you remained resilient?

God shows me the way each day. There are things I must do. The more you may think, I cannot, I will show you I can. I have a mission and I will get it accomplished!

I've been through all this pain, struggle, heartache; my mom passed away; then my son got shot; my aunt and uncle passed away-all these within the past two years. Now is the time to continue my growth.

Anything else you would like to add-please feel free to share!

I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity to share my story and introducing me to your audience.

My Son and Daughter-I Love you both dearly, you guys are my rock.

I also need to thank two men in my life-My photographer, Ednix. Please follow him on IG @ednixbk; and my graphic designer. Samuel Romero. Please check his work at Thank you both for seeing my vision.

And don't forget to follow me on IG @Sunydew, @Whn.ny.mag, @sunydewent

You can also view the online version of the magazine on

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