Tyreek Smith – Moving Pt 1. & Pt 2

Tyreek Smith – Moving Pt 1. & Pt 2

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September 09, 2017

This is a favorite that’s come through our music submissions.

A resident of Memphis, Tennessee, Tyreek Smith--also known as Optimistic--narrates his experiences with moving in two parts—“Moving Pt.1” and “Moving Pt. 2”. Produced by $Swedo Beats, the duo-release depicts the ups and downs that came with Tyreek's adolescent behavior and everyday life stressors. From throwing a house party at sixteen and his sister's birthing of a baby, Tyreek and his family are no strangers to constantly changing their address and adjusting to a new environment. The transparent hook goes:

You got four weeks to move/You'll be out by the first/More boxes/ Less money/That's the way of this curse/Get a thirty day notice/ No red note/Just a letter saying you gotta go.

Although the story isn’t the happiest, Tyreek’s lyrics replicate that of a journal, which is a testament to how relatable and tangible his experience is to his audience.

Give Tyreek’s track a listen and let him know what you think. We wonder what other candid projects he has planned for the future.

Moving Pt.1 & Pt. 2

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